Users can register on site as different roles.(customizable): performers (provide the paid service/content), clients (pay for performers items), studios (manage multiple performers). Depending on site theme roles, performers can be labeled as teachers, broadcaster, therapist, consultant, dancer/show girl, artist or other titles. Clients can be labeled as students, viewer, patient, fan, donor, Ect.

Performers page has specific functionality: live webcam, performer dashboard, studio dashboard, webcam page with videochat room.

Private Show (Pay Per Minute): Client goes to selected performers room (public chat with live performer video) and request a private show with the dedicated simple to use show button. If performer accepts, performer hides from public chat and goes with client to private chat for a paid private show. Client gets charge per minute after a few warm up seconds. Performer can also reject request or toggle his status to reject all request automatically or hide.

Group PPM (Pay Per Minute): Performer can also start room in paid room mode. All users that enter get charge per minute after a few warm up seconds. Group cost per minute can be seen in listening and in room when accessing. Admins can define multiple custom room modes (ex: free, paid, special) with different cost per minute and enable special user modes (2 way mode, Voyeur mode).

Studio Account (With Paid Membership): A studio account can create and manage multiple performer accounts and webcam room listing for these performers. Maximum number of webcam listing each studio can have is 50, and the maximum number of performers each studio can have is 20.

Free chat time limit daily for users is, 43200 seconds, and free chat time limit daily for visitors is 3600 seconds

Video Playlist Scheduler (VPS): performers can setup playlist of video to automatically play in their room while they’re not broadcasting live.